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Planning for Retirement Happiness

Planning for Retirement Happiness

Saving for Retirement

Planning for Retirement Happiness

Many people are resigned to the fact that, if they’re going to meet their retirement goals, they need to save like crazy. But, according to recent studies, if you’re not prepared for retirement, it can make you crazy. The study showed that only 60 percent of retirees report that they are “very satisfied” with their retirement and nearly 20 percent report a lower sense of overall well-being in retirement as compared to when they were working. While most folks do look forward to living the good life, few can effectively deal with the transition.

So, in addition to saving like a banshee, it could be important to consider all of the facets of retirement that contribute to your overall level of satisfaction.

  • Money: How much do you really need? The study indicates that people feel more content when they view their financial position favorable as compared to other people they know.
  • Caring and giving: The study also found that people who more strongly care about other people and their community and give of themselves are much happier.
  • Health: It might go without saying, but people who suffer less from ailments or illness in retirement are much happier. Note to self: Keep fitness and good diet routine going.
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