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Be Careful When on the Job Market

Be Careful When on the Job Market

When you're looking for a job, you necessarily have to provide a lot of personal details - from your full name and address to your employment history to a credit report. Putting out that much personal information has inherent risks, so here are a few things to consider when you're on the job market

Your Resume

Your resume can help you get a job, but it can also make you vulnerable to identity theft. Never include information like your Social Security number, birth date, marital status, license numbers (driver's license, contractor's license, etc.), or even the reason you left a previous job on your resume.

In fact, some experts feel you should not list graduation dates, instead simply noting the college or institution you graduated from. Why? Knowing the date you graduated from college could allow an identity thief to access information from your college, and over time, they can leverage a little information and turn it into a lot of information.

Information Requests

We all understand that potential employers need to perform background and reference checks before they hire a new employee. Depending on the nature of the position, criminal and credit checks may be needed. However, be careful when giving out your social security number.

Identity thieves have been known to pose as recruiters. They find your resume on an online job site, contact you, and ask for your personal information in order to conduct a "background check." Then they use that information to steal your identity.

Before you provide sensitive information, check out the recruiter or prospective employer. Make sure the call or e-mail you received is legitimate and never provide personal details by e-mail. Request a phone number and make sure the caller has legitimate reasons for requesting your information.

Ultimately, you can protect yourself by thinking carefully about what personal information you give out during your job search. You control your personal information, so guard it closely to keep it safe.

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