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Google Lets Users Decide Which Results They Like Better

Google has a new way of getting feedback from users about the quality of its search results. Some users are reportedly seeing an experiment the search engine is running, which lets them compare two results on a page, and choose which deserves to rank higher.

Alex Chitu at Google Operating System shares a screenshot of what this looks like:

Google Results experiment

For this particular search, I’m actually seeing result 2 rank higher than result 1. It’s hard to say if this is directly related to the experiment.

For a long time, Google has included a link at the bottom of its search results pages to send feedback to the company, but lately they’re trying some different approaches.

Last month, Google announced a new form for gaining feedback on its Search policy.

Shortly after that, Google’s Matt Cutts tweeted out an other form to let people tell Google if there’s a small website they think should be doing better in Google.

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