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Macs May Soon Get Siri

It appears that Apple is expanding some of its iOS services to the Mac ecosystem in a forthcoming version of Mac OS X.

Apple blog 9to5Mac is reporting, citing reliable sources, that early builds of OS X 10.9, expected to launch next year, include Siri and Maps integration. The Siri integration, according to the report, would be similar to that of iOS 6 on the latest iPad models.

As the publication notes, the early build including the features is no guarantee that they’ll be present when the OS is launched. It’s possible that they will not make it past testing phases, but it’s noteworthy enough that they’re in consideration for the Mac operating system. The presence of these features could go a long way in securing user adoption, as there are no doubt plenty of Mac users who are not using iPhones or iPads.

Competition isn’t exactly decreasing for either Siri or Maps, so utilizing its hugely popular Mac lines should be a major step for Apple in this regard.

Apple will obviously continue to improve upon both features in the meantime. The maps product has been highly controversial among iOS users, and word is that Google is getting closer to having its Maps app on the operating system. A forthcoming update to iOS is expected to have Siri improvements, including the ability to purchase movie tickets.

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