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Archive of Gladys Edmunds' Articles

Help for Your Mid-Life Move Into Business
Just because you have hit middle age and have never run a business there is no reason not to take the plunge and become a new entrepreneur.... more
Make Entrepreneurial Dreams Reality
Ready yourself for your own business by looking at the company you are working for as a learning experience... more
Finding a Publicity Fit for Your Business
If it is time to publicize what you do, you will need to do your homework before seeking a publicist to help you. Here are some ideas.... more
Identify a Business That Works for You
What are the best ways to help your children make the right decisions when it comes to starting their business life? Gladys has some great ideas.... more
It Is Never too Late to Write One
Writing a business plan lets you see every little detail of the many elements that go into the making and expanding of a business.... more
Entrepreneurs, Tech's a Great Tool - Use It!
Technology will not replace your store, but combining the two worlds opens up tons of opportunities.... more
The Key to Simplifying Your Life
Let the joy of spring days be a reminder of how beautiful a simple life can really be.... more
Entrepreneurs Turn to Social Problems
Social Entrepreneurs are those who lead the non-profit organizations.... more
Podcasting 101 for Entrepreneurs
There are many tools available to help us to build our businesses. But which one to select and then actually starting to use can be daunting experiences.... more
Entrepreneurs, Podcasts Can Make Your Business Pop
Create and market a podcast that would allow entrepreneurs to be able to use podcasting to help build their business.... more
Life Changes Bring New Opportunity
We never know when or how things will occur to change the course of our lives.... more
Lessons from Booker T. Washington
you should take a look at one of America’s great entrepreneurs, Booker T. Washington. February is the perfect time for us to do just that.... more
Entrepreneurs, Don't Hesitate to Hire Help
Here are some thoughts on what to look for when you start the hiring process.... more
Refocus on Customer for Small Business Success
You should resolve to thoroughly inspect your business to insure you are doing all that you can to best serve your existing customers and to attract new ones.... more
Do Not Let Fear of Success Hold Your Business Back
If you are about to start up a new business, and find yourself afraid you might become successful, then this is a real issue and require immediate attention.... more
Learn from the Magic of the Holidays
The mind is a very powerful tool. Begin to program your mind for success and prosperity.... more
Entrepreneurs, Give Thanks for Lessons Learned
Things entrepreneurs can be thankful for as we start this holiday season.... more
Dealing With Distractions
Do not let outside distractions bog you down. Keep focused and check within yourself to find the answers.... more
Develop a Polices and Procedures Manual Stat
Your business is never too small not to have a written company policies manual. Here are some reasons why it is needed and ideas on how to get started.... more
Marketing Is Key for a Home-Based Business
If you have a good product and a business plan, you are off to a good start, regardless of your age.... more
Bosses Taking Credit For Your Ideas
If you have ideas at work but others are taking credit for them, there are several ways to make sure you are recognized without causing trouble with your superiors.... more
The Answer Is Often In The Question
How to determine if your own personal business can find a place at your full time job.... more
Making Connections Is Key To Business
To effectively grow your business, you must connect or network with a variety of different people.... more
Making Business a Pleasure
When you are improving your quality of life, be sure to find ways to increase quality time with your family and friends along with good health habits.... more
Becoming a Business Mastermind
If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get expert advice, consider setting up a mastermind group session.... more
Franchising Is A Small Business Option
Are you unemployed, underemployed, tired of working for someone else, but afraid to start your own business? Why not consider franchising?... more
Defining Success, Wealth, Happiness
Success is measured by far more than money, and we will talk about how to Use All The Crayons to bring you true happiness.... more
Need confidence boost? Start small
Small steps to rebuild your shattered self-confidence.... more
You Run the Show, Not Your Consultant
It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with your business or some other part of your life. You have to play an active role in the situation.... more
When Too Much Lubrication Is Not Good
Gladys gives advice on the best way to run a home-based office.... more
Success Driving Friends Away?
Often we don’t realize that the amount of time it takes to build a business can take a toll on our relationships to others.... more
Novel Approach Helps Business
If you have been trying to figure out how to turn your love of writing intiable full time operation, here a few tips to get you going.... more
Don’t Be Scared To Connect
Making connections may turn out to be one of the better things you could do for yourself and your business.... more
Rest Gives You Needed Reboot
Your work and life works much better when it is balanced between activity and non-activity.... more
Time to Take Another Path?
Business ownership is not age-specific.... more
How To Pick a Good Training Program
Gladys gives tips about training programs for oral presentations. Making oral presentations/giving seminars to your customers can help grow your business.... more
Put Your Ears to Work
How we communicate to each other is key to making life work and work well.... more
Tidy, Messy Don’t Mix
Keeping your business organized is very important to your business’s success. The accumulation of unnecessary things can cause all sorts of problems.... more
Get Support from Within
Build yourself from the inside out, and don't worry about the supporters. They will be there - when you need them.... more
Getting Grants
Learn about opportunities for small businesses to do business with the government.... more
Build a Better Speech
Making public presentation can be beneficial to all sorts of businesses. On the other hand, it can also be the kiss of death if you are not properly prepared.... more
Goals, Meet Creativity
Setting goals and getting the creative juices flowing go hand in hand. One is not used to the abandonment of the other. Both must be used together.... more
Starting over? Use What You've Learned
My husband and I ran our own plumbing business for more than 30 years. I worked hard in the business and thought that it would be able to support me in my senior years.... more
Build Crafts Business the Smart Way
The handmade marketplace has been growing significantly over the past few years. Be creative and build your business, but keep a few ideas in mind.... more
Pursue Your Business Dreams Without Hesitation
If more of us could recognize that one day we will cease to exist, more of us would pursue our dreams without hesitation.... more
Choose a Mentor Carefully
It is not always easy to maneuver through the complexities of life, so having a mentor can help you maneuver through life.... more
Business Owners Should Make Fitness A Habit
There is no asset more valuable than your health and fitness.... more
Motivation Requires Giving Employees Room To Grow
Creating an environment that helps your employees grow and develop is an ongoing process.... more
Avoid That Urge To Micromanage
How do you get employees to be self-managers?... more
Don't Fret Over That New Mall
... more
Want To Branch Out? Think Market
Almost any small business can develop multi steams of income. Usually the investment starts more with time and talent than it does with big bucks.... more
Workers Won’t Stay? Try This
Bring more balance into your life: Make certain that you take time to play as hard as you work.... more
Finding the Right Fit in Business
There are many ways to find a business that fits.... more
Make Sure Time Is On Your Side
Don’t let time control you, instead control how you use time.... more
Entrepreneurs, Don’t Go Crazy Trying To Anticipate Problems
In business, you are not going to hit it right every time, but careful planning beforehand is better than no planning at all.... more
Put Some Energy Behind Your Ideas
A business has to start from someplace, and in many cases it starts with giving your ideas and inspirational flashes a chance to see if they can survive.... more
You Hold the Secret To Success in Life and in Business
It’s all up to you. You can decide to adopt a winning attitude.... more
Address Partner Problems Quickly
Communication between you and your business partner is the key to a successful business.... more
If You Have To Be an English Teacher, Be an English...
Training employees in whatever area you need them to function in is critical.... more
A Small Change Can Alter Your Life For the Better
it’s more the small subtle changes that can become life changing, or, in your case, lead you to developing the business that you could enjoy.... more
Your News Release Better Impress
How do I get the attention of the news media to write a story about my business?... more
Positive Thinking Alone Can Not Grow Your Business
A positive attitude and optimism are just part of the solution to increase your business income. You also need to develop a business plan.... more
Caviar Dreams, Entrepreneurs? Mind Your Budget Along the Way
One of the most important things to consider is to do something each day that adds value to your company.... more
Better Consolidate Your Insurance
One of the reasons to have insurance is to allow you to run your business without worrying about unexpected things that can level a company.... more
Young or old, Same Rules Apply
Being in your own business is a constant state of discovery. That’s what makes it interesting.... more
Know What’s Beyond Your Control
Many mistakenly think that balance means to divide your time into equal parts for the various aspects of your life. That’s impossible.... more
Don’t Be Irked By Unwanted Advice
There is no one size fits all when it comes to entrepreneurs. There are as many different types of entrepreneurs as there are enterprises.... more
Outsourcing, Interns Can Be Handy
Outsourcing and hiring interns can be helpful.... more
You Can’t Anticipate Everything
Much of the time your business will be your teacher. There are many entrepreneurial skills and tools that you will learn and gather while running your business.... more
Making Sure Your Price Is Right
Most often quality of service is associated with the cost.... more
Start-Ups Start With a Fresh Idea
Concentrate on putting your own spin and personal touch on your business idea.... more
Children Grow Up To Be Customers, Welcome Them
The big plus comes in the future when those children grow up and return to your restaurant and recall wonderful moments from their childhood.... more
Sometimes What’s Old Is New Again
Take a look at what is happening now you might get an idea or two of something that you can pull from the past to complement the present.... more
Two Steps to New Year Resolutions that Will Bring You Joy
Many people start the New Year making a resolution or two. It’s symbolic of a fresh start and a new beginning toward self-improvement.... more
Taking a Cue from Kwanzaa
There are many diverse and unique ways for celebrating the true meaning of the holiday.... more
Here’s a Gift To Give To Yourself
Your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being is the most important gift you can give to both yourself and the people around you.... more
Add to Your Attitude of Gratitude
Consider adding action to your attitude of gratitude this season and show the people who support you how truly grateful you are.... more
Success Is Step-by-Step Process
If you want to get away from your current line of work and do something completely different take a look at your skill and interests that are not work-related.... more
Clarity Will Keep You on Track
How you overcome negativity depends on how you handle your environment.... more
Need Some Moral Support? Do This
Sometimes getting the support of others is as simple as supporting and believing in yourself.... more
Make Layoffs a Last Resort
Figure out the right way of how to handle laying off employees, so you can keep everyone happy.... more
Take a Lesson from GM Icon on Disagreement
People with diverse opinions and points of view can be helpful to the success of a company.... more
Personal Successes Count, Too
Keep on keeping on and you will eventually either get the job that works for you or find your niche in your own business.... more
Gender Shouldn’t Be an Issue
In business situations, look at yourself in light of whether you are the best person for the job, rather than the best woman or the best man.... more
Re-Light that Fire for Business
Your reasons for starting a business are just as important as the business itself; make the time to get to know what works for you and why.... more
Entrepreneurs, Leadership Is Not a Popularity Contest
Leadership is about getting results and meeting goals and objectives. And most important, it’s recognizing which direction to go in for the best results.... more
Starting a Business: You Can’t Escape Risk, So Go for It
People should start looking at starting a business as an opportunity rather than a risk.... more
Entrepreneurs, Savor Those Thank yous
The next time someone compliments you, learn to accept it and bask in it for a while.... more
Make Renewal a Priority for Your Business...and You, Too
Suggestion for a child starting a business.... more
Entrepreneurs, Stick to a System When Hiring
While in the process of hiring a new employee, it is important to not only use your good judgement and intuition, but to also add an organized, diagnostic procedure.... more
Don’t Waste Money on a Useless Strategic Plan
All businesses need some type of success strategy in order to succeed.... more
Why Travel, Retirement Plans Are Tough for Entrepreneurs
There are many reasons why people choose to retire, and people all feel differently after they retire.... more
Unruly Employees? Follow Moses' Example
Your business needs to have some sort of written principles or beliefs that your staff can look to for information, motivation, and inspiration.... more
Business Tapering Off? Better Get Customers' Feedback
The most important thing to do in any relationship whether personal or business is to listen and then make necessary changes and/or adjustments.... more
To Succeed in Small Business, You Must Lead and Manage
The roles of a leader and a manager are both entirely different, yet a good entrepreneur must possess the abilities of both.... more
Be Grateful for Wins and Losses; They Both Teach Us
While running a business you have to keep faith in yourself and be grateful for both your wins and losses.... more
Why Go for It Can Be Music To an Entrepreneur’s Ear
It is important to have a support structure for your career and business development.... more
Four Tips for a Winning Contract Presentation
When giving an oral presentation, being prepared is the best way to win the contract.... more
Better Have Everything in Order Before Firing Someone
Having a manual of policies and procedures for you business can help you to save time, energy, and money in the long run.... more
Workers, Customers Are Invested in Your Business
... more
For a Successful Partnership: Communicate, and Be Frank
Starting a business with a friend can work out, but only if you discuss in detail your strengths and weaknesses and outline your responsibilities.... more
Entrepreneurs, Better Mind the Details ... All of Them
Too often the minor details are left to chance or forgotten completely, and yet if you take care of the minor details all else can fall into place more easily.... more
Whatever Your Career Path, Keep that Entrepreneurial Spirit
Making business decisions can be tough and life changing in either direction for both you and your family, and, therefore, should be a family affair.... more
Persevere If You Want to Succeed in Business
Being persistent is a key ingredient in achieving your goals.... more
Stressed Out Helping Others? It's Time to Start Saying 'No'
It is important to keep your life balanced, therefore you need to learn how to say no... more
Balance Doesn’t Mean Every Task in Your Life Gets Equal Treatment
Balancing is finding an influence that makes the rest of your life easier to handle.... more
Bad Manners Is Bad Business, Plain and Simple
Proper manners and good behavior is of great importance in all areas of life.... more
To Succeed, You Have to Prepare
What is the formula for succeeding in business?... more
Client Not Taking Your Advice? Office Politics May Be to Blame
When you, as a consultant, offer solutions and your advice is not taken , recognize that it could be office politics at work.... more
Casual Appearance Can Have Serious Impact on Sales
Find some balance between that and dressing in a casual way that allows you to feel comfortable while presenting a professional appearance.... more
Check References to Avoid Bad Experiences with Contractors
Use caution when hiring employees. Check references and trade associations to be sure you are hiring the most qualified person for the job.... more
Know Your Path, and Stay on It
Don't let negative attitudes stop your business before it starts. Believe in your idea and the rest will follow.... more
Gift of Gab Is Great for Sales ... But There's a...
The art of conversation can generate sales if you know when to stop talking, and don't let conversation get in the way of accurately pricing your services.... more
Home Is a Great Place to Start
Starting a home-based business is a challenge, but a rewarding one if you can make it work. Gladys Edmunds offers some tips to help you be successful.... more
There's Nothing Gender Specific in Running a Business Well
Management styles transcend gender, and finding a balance between them is key to good relationships with employees.... more
Keep Your Mind Focused on Your Successes, Big and Small
Don't let fear run or ruin your business life! Develop a personal routine for success and let inspiration guide you.... more
Don't Be Afraid to Take that Entrepreneurial Path
Don't let other peoples' fears scare you away from your own business. Preparation and confidence go a long way to success.... more
Don't Delay; Get Rid of that Procrastination Habit Now
Conquering procrastination can help you keep the balance between work and home.... more
Know the Basics of What Your Consultants Do
Even if you plan to outsource some tasks to more qualified professionals, a working knowledge of those tasks is essential for every business owner.... more
How Much You Get from Business Training Is Up to You
Make a point to approach each session with an enthusiastic attitude and the intention of learning something to help you in business.... more
Know Yourself, and You'll Find a Business That's a Great Match
The first step to owning your own business is to know what you want to do. Make a list of your skills and interests and go from there.... more
Don't Forget to Take Care of Life: It'll Pay Off at...
Many human resource principles can be applied both at work and at home to achieve balance in your life.... more
Willard Scott May Soon Be Wishing Happy Birthday to an Entrepreneur
Many of today's entrepreneurs are retired, proving that you're never too old to have a good business idea!... more
Entrepreneurs, Your Dogged Efforts Can Really Pay Off
Franchising is another way to scratch that entrepreneurial itch!... more
Boost Sales; Give Customers a Personal Touch
If your goal this year is to grow your business, create a plan you can follow, as well as update and alter if necessary.... more
Entrepreneurs,'tis the Season for Stress; Here's How to Cope
The holiday rush can be stressful both at work and at home. Use these stress busters to stay balanced.... more
Don't Be Afraid of Change; It Might Boost Profits
Changes in the way you serve your customers are essential to keeping your business fresh and competitive.... more
Hiring Young People? Be Prepared To Do a Little Teaching
The season to be thankful! A list of your blessings can help you stay focused on the positive.... more
Want New Business? Keep Your Old Clients In Mind
I often conduct workshops for entrepreneurs on the subject of marketing and business development.... more
Don't Let 'Mentors' Throw Cold Water on Your Dreams
Bouncing business ideas off mentors and friends often leads to discouraging feedback. Here's how to overcome the negativity.... more
Business May Not Make You Rich But It Offers Other Rewards
What about the idea of starting and running a business as a way of carving out a good, old-fashion living for you and your family?... more
Change Is Essential for Entrepreneurs
Changes to your business, however small, can help you grow and prosper as a business owner... more
Why You Are Not Too Young to Be taken Seriously
You are never too young to be an entrepreneur! Run your business professionally and customers won't care how old you are - or aren't.... more
Consider Your Competitors As Colleagues, Too
Colleagues, competitors, whatever you call them, not one of them is you. Focus on what makes your brand unique and successful.... more
Take Precautions Upfront When Dealing with Clients
What do can you do when a client can't - or won't - pay? Learn from the experience to prevent it from happening again.... more
How to Give Your Coffee Shop's Profits a Jolt
The importance of having a business plan as a guide to success in business... more
Is 8 Too Young To Be an Entrepreneur?
Even grade school students can be entrepreneurs! All they need is a creative idea and a little encouragement.... more
Yes, You Need a Business Plan
Do I need a business plan if I'm financing my new company with my own money?... more
Location Is Important for Your Small Business So Do Your Homework...
How important is location to your new business?... more
Hiring Young People? Be Prepared To Do a Little Teaching
Why does it seem like young people today are ill-prepared for the workforce, and whose responsibility is it to prepare them?... more
The Over-50 Crowd Is a Lively Bunch
If your audience is the maturing Baby Boomer generation, it's important to remember what a diverse group you're serving, and tailor your marketing accordingly.... more
Here's Another Way To Build on Your Business Success
Can you suggest how I can get my kids to come into the family business?... more
Not an Entrepreneur? You Can Still Market Yourself
You recommend that one good way to increase business is to do public speaking.... more
Temp Agency Can Bring Permament Peace of Mind
There are many companies both large and small that are fearful of hiring permanent.... more
Temp Agency Can Bring Permanent Peace of Mind
There are many companies both large and small that are fearful of hiring permanent.... more
Know Value of Your Services Before Setting Prices
Should I try to undercut them to save my current clients?... more
Manage Your Time, and You'll Manage Just Fine
Does not use time wisely?... more
How You Treat Workers Affects How They'll Treat Customers
You should treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.... more
'Do Unto Others' Is a Good Way of Handling Clients, Unless
She asked me how best to get her staff to follow that age-old golden rule.... more
About To Start Your Start-up? Three Things To Keep In Mind
Hello Gladys, I enjoy reading your columns. So far I haven't seen the answer to my question. I am planning to start a nutritional consulting business.... more
Forget The Economy; Get A Grip On Your Hours!
I have an unusual business for a woman. I own an auto repair shop. I have been in this business for 12 years.... more
Hire Someone for Your PR? Depends
My husband says that paid promotion is a waste of money and that I should do my own promotion.... more
Don't Let Bad Habits Sabotage Your Success
Summer is quickly approaching. Why not use this time to take a look at your lifestyle to be sure it is beneficial to your success?... more
What Your Business Looks Like Speaks Volumes
How do I get the word out that my salon is actually the best?... more
Don't Have Employees? You're Still an Entrepreneur
What does it take to call yourself an entrepreneur?... more
Freelancing's Fabulous, If You're Determined to Get that Ideal Job
What kind of business can I start? I have no extra money to play with.... more
Hindu Story Shows Business, Spiritual Goals Can Go Together
How do I balance my spiritual and business life?... more
Take that Call or Deal with the Customer in front of...
Should you answer the phone when it?s ringing off the hook and ask the customer waiting in line to be patient while you answer the phone?E... more
Be Careful about Judgments Regarding Your Customers
I suggest you continue investing time in the people who visit your store.... more
You, Inc. can rise above an oppressive employer
One way to get ready to start your own business is to look at the business you are working in as a stepping stone.... more
Cost-Cutting Is Important in Tough Times But Too Much Can Cause...
Let's take a look at what the addiction of constant cutting within a company can do.... more
Here's Another Way To Build on Your Business Success
Business growth handled with vision and good planning can become unstoppable.... more
Pride in Your Work is Something that Can't Be Taught
Take time and do each thing completely correct. Demand the best of yourself.... more
Getting New Customers? Make Sure Old Ones Are Happy, Too
What is customer service?... more
Entrepreneurs, Show Your Customers that You Care
Do you make sure that you show your customers that they are important?... more
Yes, Fight Against that Big Store, But Not in the Way...
If you do this right you, will defend your island and win!... more
Getting the Word Out About Your Business
How can I get more people to know about and use my service without spending money that I don't have?... more
Booker T. Washington's Words Ring True for All Entrepreneurs
These words were spoken more than 100 years ago by Booker T. Washington... more
Retirees, Put Your Experience to Work
More and more seniors are entering the small business world in order to supplement their income.... more
Are You Really Listening to Your Workers?
Life is full of challenges. It can be difficult to say what is happening with your employees.... more
Afraid of Success? You Make Failure an Easy Option
If you are feeling the fear of success, it's best to deal with it immediately.... more
Just Starting Out? Be Careful of the Advice You Get
What is an entrepreneur? What kind of help and information does an entrepreneur need to get a business up and running?... more
Don't Let Office Politics Get the Better of You
There are only three things you can do when faced with any problem in life - change it, accept it completely, or walk away from it.... more
Make Your Resolutions Work
Well, folks, here we are again: Another New Year. New always gives me a feeling of getting another chance at a clean slate.... more
Celebrate the Spirit of the Season
The other day my friend in retail said the holiday season is nothing but a big hype to get people shopping and spending money that they don't have.... more
It's All In Your Attitude
From time to time I have lunch with several entrepreneurial friends. Usually a thought-provoking question arises, and we each give our opinion to the question.... more
Look Like A Professional
Several scenes I've observed over the past couple of weeks makes me think it's time to talk about dressing for success, or at least how to dress so that no mistakes are made about who you are.... more
Things To Be Thankful For
I don't know about you, but I love the holiday season. I break out the holiday music and start to decorate the house and make my shopping list.... more
It's Time To Measure Your Priorities
I have read about how you started your business at home and that you were a single mom. I'm also a single mom and I've started an event planning business in my home so that I can be here for my young son.... more
Don't Underestimate The Impact Of A Business Plan
In a few months I will be getting married to a guy who has been in business for the past 20 years. We both agree that I should work in the business with him.... more
A Little Trust Can Go A Long Way With Your Employees
I own a public relations consulting company. I have been in business for the past 15 years and I have a problem that has followed me the entire time that I have owned this company.... more
Don't Let Corporate, Entrepreneurial Careers Merge
I recently launched my own business but still have a full-time job. A few of my co-workers are interested in becoming clients of my small business, which has nothing to do with a corporate career.... more
'Know Thyself' And You'll Gain Business Focus
I have started a home-based sales business. I know that I can make a good living at it.... more
Sometimes You Have To Keep Things Secret
I have a simple question: how do you keep family and friends from pouring cold water on your plans?... more
Why You Can't Go By The Book With Your Start-up
I have looked everywhere for a step-by-step guide to starting and running a business. So far I have found nothing.... more
Moving out of your comfort zone can be a painful experience
A comfort zone is that part of your life that is familiar. When you step outside of that space, you expand your comfort zone.... more
Balance is about what's going on inside of you
It's that time of the year when we say goodbye to the summer and move full swing back into work and school. For those in school it means hitting the books.... more
Hiring's Not A Hassle If It Helps Your Business Grow
It's that time of the year when we say goodbye to the summer and move full swing back into work and school. For those in school it means hitting the books.... more
How Your Start-up Can Make It In A Crowded Field
I am a regular reader and I get a lot of inspiration from you. However, inspiration doesn't last long when I start to think about really getting started in a business.... more
Apply Some Basics In Building Your Business
I graduated from art school last year. Several months ago a friend and I started a graphic design business.... more
Get Creative To Bring A Higher Purpose To Business
I often get e-mails and letters (yes, there are folks who still write letters) from people asking how they can bring more humanitarian principles into their enterprises. Or, some will ask, is it possible to serve a real human need and make money in the process?... more
Let a Pro Handle Your Communication Needs?
I took heed to your column about not abandoning my marketing and public relations budget. Last week I attended a business conference and met a communications consultant.... more
Control Your Time To Avoid That Wound-up Feeling
I need a few extra hours in the day - or, better yet, how about an 8-day week - that would better serve my busy life. It seems like I have more to do than time allows.... more
Here's How To Make That Needed Getaway
I haven't taken a vacation from my bar and restaurant business in 12 years. I would love to take my family on vacation.... more
You Don't Have To Choose Between Love, Business
I am a successful entrepreneur and I have been for the past 18 years. I have never been married or in a truly committed relationship.... more
Think Twice Before Slashing Your PR Budget
For the past year I have been paying close attention to my business expenses and I have been successful in reducing a lot of things without cutting pays or laying people off.... more
Determine Your Website Needs And Then Set A Budget
The online activity is running at full speed these days. I have often written about the importance of having a website for your company and keeping it updated.... more
Look to Life's Daily Details for Great Business Ideas
Almost daily I get e-mails, phone calls or meet someone who wants to be in business and can't figure out what business to get started in.... more
Working Too Hard? Time For Some Management 101
I am doing extremely well in my travel business. But, in order to maintain my current level of success I have found myself working long and hard 12 and 14 hour days.... more
Help The Less Fortunate, In Whatever Way You Can
My brother and I have an ongoing debate about the social responsibilities of an entrepreneur. We are both in business and run our companies differently when it comes to giving back.... more
Word-of-Mouth Only Goes So Far
I will soon be 59 years old and I had to leave my job to come home to take care of my sick husband. I need to be productive both because I need the money and I need to feel like I am a part of something.... more
Employment Manual Is A Necessity, Not A Formality
For the past five years I have owned an exercise studio that I consider to be successful, and I make a good living from the business.... more
A Business Mentor is Invaluable in the Entrepreneur's Life
I have been having an argument with one of my buddies about mentors. He says having a mentor is important to running a successful business.... more
More Lessons in Listening
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a column about the importance of listening.... more
Confront Fear and Turn Success Into a Choice You Make
I would love to start my own business and I had all intentions of starting my business as a gift to myself for my 50th birthday which is coming soon.... more
You Have To Listen To Customers, Not Just Hear Them
I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. This statement is funny and can be misunderstood if we hear it without listening.... more
Now's A Good Time To Boost Worker Training Efforts
So far my grocery business has done fairly well during this recession. I haven't had to lay anyone off, and I try to keep my customers happy.... more
Check, Check, Check Backgrounds of Would-Be Hires
Periodically I feel the need to remind you about the importance of hiring people who know what they are doing.... more
Action is the Key Ingredient in Starting a Start-up
I often get e-mails from folks complaining about having trouble finding the best business to get into.... more
Entrepreneurship; opportunity or risk
... more
Gifted Writers Have Good Opportunities
Because of the recession I am unable to find employment. I read your columns regularly, and I know that you often suggest honing a skill and using it to make a living.... more
Honor Women's History Month with words of Truth
March is Women's History Month, and it's a good time to look to the past to gather strength, courage and wisdom to forge into the future.... more
Building Confidence Can Be A Step-by-Step Process
I am desperate to make a living. I have looked every place I can think of to find a job and so far no luck. I know how to do a number of things.... more
Now, More Than Ever, Focus On Service
I am currently laid off and would like to start a business. Trying to think of a good business to get into is not easy, especially with this bad economy.... more
Twin Towers Survivor Offers Lessons For Entrepreneurs
I suppose it's natural for people to wonder if the entrepreneurial spirit can make it to the other side of the current recession.... more
Clutter Can Clobber Your Business
Of all of the promises that I make to myself, the one that is toughest to maintain is keeping my office clear of clutter.... more
Why Knowledge Isn't The Real Power
I have graduated from college with an MBA. I want to start my own business and I would like to go into business with a partner.... more
Better Mind Those Supposedly Minor Details
I have heard it said, 'Don't sweat the small stuff.' And there is a book with that title. In many ways I agree.... more
Inspiration For Your Business May Be Close To Home
I have a couple of questions. First, I have small children and would like to work from home.... more
Plan Your Goals The Write Way
A few weeks ago, I was having lunch with my friend Marie when the topic of setting goals came up.... more
Entrepreneur's Story Shows How To Build A Business
A couple of weeks ago I listed a few things entrepreneurs can do to improve their business in the New Year.... more
Opportunity Is All Around, If You Pay Attention
Many of us are so preoccupied in our busyness that we miss many opportunities. We move through our days noticing very little of our surroundings.... more
Does Your Company Have A Mission Statement?
A written statement that expresses the collective intention of your company is usually called a mission statement.... more
Get Set For Growth In 2009
A few weeks ago I drove to Ohio to present a seminar session on business growth and development for the New Year.... more
Make the most of the most wonderful time of the year
We tend to get so caught up in day-to-day life and activities that we forget to do some of the simple things that can support success.... more
This Season The Best Gift Is The Gift Of Believing In...
This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to gift giving. Buying gifts for our friends and loved ones take on significant meaning and requires time and attention.... more
Remember, Your Abilities Are Just That, Yours
Are you worried about layoffs?... more
How To Make The Right Hire
I own a health and beauty spa. For the past few months I have been interviewing people to work in my spa.... more
Time to Take Stock and Remember Your Strengths
Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and naturally, giving thanks. This tradition was started by the Pilgrims in being grateful for their bounty in the new world.... more
Communication Is Key In Starting A Business
I wonder if you could give me some advice. I am a high school history teacher, and I enjoy my work. But, more than anything I want to have my own business.... more
Incentives For Your Workers Are Good For You, Too
I have a good staff of people working for my property management company. And, they have helped me to build a successful business. I want to show them that I appreciate them and the work they do. My problem is, I am not sure how I should do it.... more
Survival Tips For The Coming Holiday Season
We are still a couple of weeks away from the start of the holiday season, but, I'm sitting here at my desk watching the first signs of snow and cold weather which, makes me turn my thoughts to what I call the most wonderful time of the year.... more
A Franchise Deal Can Boost Your Business Prospects
Have you always dreamed of owning your own business, but think starting a business from scratch is more than you can handle?... more
A Good Website Is A Great Asset
Every now and then I feel compelled to remind you of how important maintaining a website can be to your business.... more
Don't Advertise Until Employees Know Their Stuff
Before you advertise or embark on a publicity campaign for your company, make certain that your employees are trained and ready to provide efficient, prompt and courteous service.... more
It's A Good Time To Think About Working At Home
If you've ever wondered if you could work from home - whether you could earn real money from a job that satisfies and excites you, design your own office, and work in comfortable clothes on your own schedule - you are not alone.... more
How Company You Keep Affects The One You Own
After pondering the idea of starting my own business for several years, I have finally launched a catering business that is doing very well.... more
Don't Take Customers' Insults Personally
I am a self employed salesman. I can't help but to get upset when I get a long day of rejections. And my day can become even more distressing if I get a customer who is irate or says upsetting things.... more
Break Out Of The Spend, Spend, Spend Routine
I write a column about developing your business from a point of balance and simplicity and surely my readers know that it doesn't mean shop til' you drop or until you overload yourself and run into bankruptcy.... more
Making A Spiritual Connection With Clients
I want to apply spiritual practices to my new consulting business, but I'm not sure how to approach it.... more
How To Claim Victory Over A Defeatist Attitude
I have finally received an MBA. Although the focus of my education was on entrepreneurship and I have good business sense, I somehow don't feel that I have enough of a positive outlook to run my own company.... more
Help For Your Mid-life Move Into Business
I have always wanted to have my own business. However, for the last 25 years I have devoted my life to my family.... more
A Good Coach Can Keep You On Track
Enlisting a coach can be an important part of your entrepreneurial support system.... more
Mentors Can Help You Toward Success
If you are looking to succeed, consider finding a mentor.... more
Website: A Great Marketing and Sales Tool
I still haven't put up a web site yet. I have a bricks and mortar business selling sporting goods. So far my sales are pretty good.... more
Fit Fitness Into Your Work Routine
You have heard and read that exercise reduces stress, gives you the vitality and energy that you need to bring success and happiness into your life.... more
Businesswomen, Bookmark These Websites
I want to get started in my own business. Are there any organizations or agencies that take women business owners serious?... more
Hiring A Consultant? Remember Who Runs The Show
You regularly say that small business owners should not skimp on hiring professionals to help ease the daily work load.... more
Follow Tubman's Example To Break Barriers
I want to know how to get around racial barriers.... more
Laid Off? Now's The Time To Strike Out On Your Own
As large companies steadily cut costs to enhance the bottom line, employees will be let go.... more
More questions answered
This week I will answer a couple of those questions and a question from a reader.... more
Just Think What Your Thoughts Can Do For You
I find it hard to believe that how people think means very much to their success.... more
Your Business Deserves To Be Protected
These can be tough times for entrepreneurs, and tougher yet when you have to take the fall for your client or vender's bankruptcy.... more
Don't Be Afraid To Raise Your Prices
But it's hard keeping prices low to keep customers while paying more in wages. My competitors have been in business a lot longer than I have and they can afford to charge higher prices.... more
A Path To Your Goal
I know how to set goals, what I don't know is how to reach the goals I set.... more
Sure Signs of Overworked
You said that in your busyness you recorded the date incorrectly on your calendar. This can easily happen when your plate is overloaded with stuff to do.... more
You've Got to Work, and to Work at Avoiding Stress
You often talk about the importance of maintaining a balanced life. I have found it hard to catch stressful situations before they take over.... more
One Woman's Way To Success
In order to spend more quality time with her children, this Jamaica native and Maryland resident knew she would need to take control of both her time and her destiny.... more
Taking Chances Can Lead To Success
Almost daily I get calls and e-mails asking for advice on how and where to get ideas for starting a business and what kinds of techniques to apply to existing businesses to stimulate growth.... more
Need a Business Idea? Inspiration's All Around
Many of us are so preoccupied with our busyness that we miss many opportunities. We move through our days noticing very little of our surroundings.... more
Need Guidance? You Need a Mrs. Henderson
I have noticed that you sometimes recommend an entrepreneur contact other entrepreneurs in the same or similar business to seek advice, ask for help or compare notes.... more
Triple Check Any 'professionals' You Hire
Many people are hanging out their shingles as professionals, subcontractors and consultants. Their main target is entrepreneurs.... more
How To Get A Good Hire
I have the most difficult time finding the right people to hire.... more
Don't Let Distractions Keep You From Your Goal
Last week, Renee, a long time friend, invited me to lunch to discuss a business situation that she wanted my opinion on.... more
Work, Rest Go Together
For a man who has let himself be drawn completely out of himself by his activity, nothing is more difficult than to sit still and rest, doing nothing at all.... more
You've Got To Believe In What You're Doing
I want desperately to leave a dead-end job and start my own business.... more
Don't Let Worries About Risk Wreck Your Attitude
I have become a regular reader of your column and I share your words of wisdom around the office and at home with my family.... more
Yes, it is realistic to go after large accounts
I started a janitorial company a few years ago. So far we are doing OK.... more
Parents, Better Get A Grip On Those Long Hours
I own a women's clothing store. Business has been great even through the many rough economic times that we have experienced over the years.... more
To Be A Success, Get The Doubt Out
I want to start my own business and I have plenty of experience in the business I plan to start.... more
Bad Cellphone Etiquette Can Cost You Business
Cell phone users have really given new meaning to keeping in touch.... more
Even A Small Start Is Just That, A Start
I am unemployed student in search of a business that I can start right away.... more
Bad Customer? Get Over It, and Get Back Up
I read your column regularly and I enjoy it. Your often write about bringing balance to life and reducing stress.... more
Group Think Doesn't Have To Be A Bad Thing
I have heard people talk about bringing together a Mastermind group to help with business development.... more
Jump Your Own Hurdles, Not Others
I am a sensitive person, and I don't take criticism well. I have everything ready to launch my first business; my business and marketing plan are complete.... more
Simplify Your Life To Maximize Your Potential
I started my IT business while in college four years ago.... more
Focus Gives You, Your Business Perspective
I'm not an entrepreneur, but I read your columns and would love to have my own business.... more
Getting Partners? Get More Than A Handshake
Two of my long time buddies and I will be starting a business in a few months.... more
Be true to your dreams
Your writings have encouraged me to take that first step in starting my own business.... more
Does Your Life's Story Merit A Closer Read?
It's that time of year, this month and next, when we send cards, notes and emails filled with good cheer and well wishes, exchange gifts and think of the things that we are thankful for.... more
Self-confidence Is A Prime Ingredient In Sales
I recently opened a gourmet food and catering shop. I love cooking, and it shows, because people come from all over for my food.... more
Tightrope: Juggling A Business And Friends Can Be Hard
I am in the communications business and I'm having a great time and profits are good.... more
Customer Service Is Vital
Last fall I attended a conference where you were the speaker. Your talk was about how entrepreneurs should prepare for the future.... more
A Day of Rest for Entrepreneurs
I have a successful online business that is five years old. This is the second time that I have owned an online business.... more
Keeping Your Employees Enthusiastic
I know that you have written in the past about how important it is to hire enthusiastic people.... more
Take Ancient Advice For A Sense Of Renewal
I am a professional writer for executives and I am increasingly finding myself in a funk about my business.... more
Retirement’s Ripe For Entrepreneurial Plans
I am an investment banker and will be retiring in a few years.... more
Establish Your Work Schedule
I am a stay-at-home dad and I have a profitable medical supply home-based business.... more
Find a Friend Who's 'Got Your Back'
How important is it to have the support of family and friends when you are starting a business?... more
Spiritual Living Means Doing For Others and Providing Service
A few years ago, a food-service company where I worked for 15 years was sold.... more
Understand What Giving and Getting Means
I have been very successful with my cleaning company. Over the past 17 years we have grown from a two-man operation into a staff of 37.... more
Becoming a 'real entrepreneur?'
I have had a home-based business for a few years and I am getting tired of working from home.... more
Get In Synch With Your Partner
My college roommate and I opened a business together ten years ago.... more
Reviewing Your Past Can Help You Move Forward
I read your column a few weeks ago about changing your routine in order to identify what kind of business to go into.... more
Taking On All Sorts Of Roles
I own an employment agency. Much of our work is transacted via e-mail.... more
Give Someone Something That They Appreciate
I do all kinds of wonderful things for my employees; however, I don't think they appreciate my generosity.... more
Don't Over Do Planning Sessions
I am in business with two other guys. We own a dog grooming and training company.... more
Attitude Matters
I read you column about changing your routine in order to find more joy in your work.... more
No Company Wants To Lose A Good Customer
I don't own a business, but, I grew up in a family of small business owners and was always taught to support small business owners.... more
The Slightest Change Makes A Difference
I hear and read everywhere that when you start a business it should be in something you love and have a passion for.... more
Entrepreneurs, Your Health Is Top Priority
During a lunch with my friend Marta, she told me about an article she read stating that the life span in America might actually shrink if we continue our unhealthy ways.... more
Be A Leader For Your Employees
What do you recommend I do about motivating my employees? I have no problem attracting good candidates.... more
Put News In Your News Release
I send news releases to my local paper all the time and they never respond to them.... more
Don't Let Burnout Creep In
Do you believe that an entrepreneur can suffer from burn out? For 23 years I have owned a successful health and fitness center.... more
Secret to Success
I have been very successful in my commercial real estate business.... more
Small And Steady Changes Brings Success
How often should the owner of a small business make changes to maintain a level of success?... more
Talk Your Way To Success
I plan to start making speeches to increase my business.... more
You Need To Develop A Plan For Increasing Your Business Income
I know that you have written about overcoming adversity, but what about the situations that seem impossible to overcome.... more
There Is No "One Size Fits All" When It Comes To...
How do you get people to stop giving advice? I own a used car lot and I also lease and rent heavy equipment.... more
Finding and Holding on to Employees
I'm finding that it is becoming cost prohibitive to hire and hold on to good employees.... more
When You Have Distractions Going On Around You
I enjoyed your column on how to keep thoughts moving in a positive direction.... more
Feeling Successful Helps You Get There
I am in my own business and I love it. I would like some ideas on how to keep my expenses in check.... more
Advice For New Business Owner
I will be starting my own business in a few months.... more
Keeping Your Small Business Customers Flowing
Repeat customers are very important to my accounting and tax preparation business.... more
'Do unto others' Applies To Customers, Too
Over the weekend I got in the mood for soul food and found a great southern cuisine restaurant to satisfy my taste buds.... more
A Broker To The Rescue
I am becoming cash poor from all the different business insurance that I pay.... more
It's Alright To Learn As You Go
Two years ago I started a production company. I had studied every aspect of business and taken every business workshop and program that I could find.... more
Experience Is A Great Teacher
My mother has shown me some of your columns explaining to parents how to encourage and deal with young entrepreneurs.... more
Buy It, and Apply It
I don't actually own a business. I sell women's personal romantic products at home parties and I think of it as my own business.... more
Lift Women Up For A Better Tomorrow
It's February, Black History Month, that time of the year when we recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions to the development of this country by African Americans.... more
Your Time - is Vital
Although I have been in business for the past 15 years, I have only been married for the past three.... more
Growing Concerns
My father has owned a medical supply company for over 30 years.... more
A Coach Can Help You Win
Thanks for the column on mentors. I have had several friends to suggest that my business and personal life would benefit if I hired a coach.... more
In Search Of A Sage
I have a mentor who rarely says things to get me motivated and moving in the right direction.... more
Here's looking at you, kids.
I am an entrepreneur as well and have owned a successful software company for the last three years.... more
Don't Let Fear Sabotage Your Success
I have read you previous columns about overcoming fear; somehow I think it's easier said than done.... more
It's All About You
I have been in business for 18 months. I have high hopes for my marketing and public relations business.... more
It's All Up To You
I enjoyed your column last week about starting over. My situation is a little different.... more
Starting Over? You Can Do It
My husband and I worked hard for years to build our successful bakery business only to have it destroyed by Hurricane Katrina flooding.... more
Heed The Power Of The Internet
I am planning to move my business to the next level in 2007.... more
Giving The Ultimate Gift
Tis' the season for gift-giving.... more
Don't Let Holiday Stress Get You Down
It's that time of the year when things get really busy. We find ourselves juggling both our overloaded business schedules as well as our personal calendars.... more
Don't Put Up With Troublemaker Employees
I read your column on practicing the golden rule with employees.... more
Large Or Small Doesn't Matter - Success Matters
I opened an exercise and fitness studio eight years ago and it is doing well.... more
A Personal Touch Makes The Difference
I have always wanted to own my own business. However, every time I come up with an idea I learn that someone else has already put that idea into motion.... more
Be Creative To Reach Your Goals
I have always been a goal setter. Unfortunately I have not had the success I had hoped for.... more
Your employees are part of your dream team - respect them
I received an e-mail about last week's column that got my attention.... more
The golden rule works with layoffs
Due to a slow down in business I had to lay off several people from my company.... more
Allow different ideas to flow
You often say that it's best to have regular staff meetings. I have been doing this. The problem that I run into is disagreements.... more
Customer Service begins with kindness
Did you know that the first week of October is National Customer Service Week?... more
Keep trying until you find what works
My husband and two other guys opened a company that provides onsite technology services for companies that outsource their field service requirements.... more
Your Area Of Expertise Will Only Carry Your Business So Far
I read your previous column where you wrote that you didn't think there were risks involved in owning your own business.... more
Workplace theft: A possible solution
Last week, while I was at the gym, I listen as several entrepreneurs discussed workplace stealing.... more
Do you know your customer?
I have a retail grocery store. Every where I turn there are news reports about the rise of people buying organic foods.... more
Business is more than a good idea
I have always wanted to go into business for myself. I have come into some money unexpectedly, and I want to use a part of it to start my own business.... more
Success Takes Many Forms
I have tried several businesses and so far I have failed at each.... more
Self-renewal important to business
What advice would you suggest I give my daughter who is about to start her own business?... more
Compliments are gifts
Why is it that folks have such a difficult time accepting a compliment?... more
Gender not a factor
I am a woman who owns a commercial paint company and always find myself competing with men who own painting companies.... more
Self-analysis leads to success
I have my heart set on making a business work. So far I have tried twice and failed.... more
Business Ethics
I am concerned about getting my staff to do the right thing.... more
Hiring the right people takes more than intuition And good judgment
I have always prided myself on being a good judge of people and yet I often end up hiring the wrong people.... more
Leadership is no popularity contest
My medium-size construction company has grown significantly over the past few years.... more
We can't escape risk; so manage it
Several weeks ago I wrote a column stating entrepreneurs should be viewed as opportunity takers not risk takers.... more
Do-it-yourself strategic planning
I appreciate your simplified way of answering beginners in business.... more
Infinite possibilities on the Net
I enjoyed your column about seeing the future in the present.... more
Strategic Planning For Success
Three years ago I opened a day spa and hair salon.... more
Entrepreneurship; opportunity or risk
Recently while being interviewed for a small business journal, the interviewer asked if I thought anyone could own and operate a business.... more
The Future Is Now
I am a third generation real estate developer.... more
Today’s children are tomorrow’s customers
My husband and I restored an old three-story mansion and turned it into a small, intimate dining facility.... more

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